About Time for Short Books

The ‘About Me’ page for people who couldn’t care less about me.

Why Time For Short Books?


You like reading; you like reading good books; you have no time. The latest Murakami or a classic, brick-like Steinbeck seems like too much work right now. Instead, you pick up whatever throw-away, commercial novel is cheap today. You read it; inevitably, you forget it.

Yeah. Me too. The temptation to slip back into the effortless world of reading YA novels… There’s nothing wrong with YA fiction, but (to fill the gaping hole left in my life by the completion of my English degree) I’m looking for reads which are stimulating, as well as entertaining.


SHORT STORIES! Lifesaver. There are so many quality, thought-provoking short stories out there, that you can read in the length of your commute, your lunch break, or even just the half-hour you allot yourself to read at the end of each day.

The best short stories can give you everything that a longer work does, in a much shorter, more accessible, form.

So, what? Do you google, ‘short stories’, and hope for the best? No! Luckily for you, I’m a seasoned short story reader. With Time for Short Books you can save your precious time for the reading, and let me do the research.

This blog is, simply, succinct recommendations and brief reviews to help you find the quick reads that you’re needing in your busy, busy life.

You’re welcome! 😉

Who am I?

That’s one secret I’ll never tell… xoxo Gossip Girl.

Just kidding, who I am is someone who wastes hours watching GG when they really should be reading. Someone who lives in London and works about 5 jobs at any one time, thus someone who is super busy.

I made this blog for people like me; people who love to read, but rarely have/make/or find the headspace for it. Sometimes my brain is so full of work and other people, and also working so hard to suppress bubbling anxiety and depression, that I simply feel exhausted – and the thought of picking up a huge novel to work through is way too much to handle.

Short stories work for people like me, as they are low on commitment but still high on quality. I write this blog because I love reading and writing, but sometimes I let it all get away from me and forget what makes me happy – if this sounds like you, I hope this blog helps you find your way back to things that you love.

Wishing you safety and happiness always,

Meg xx

p.s. feel free to get in contact using my email, listed below!

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